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Breathtaking Effects are Sensational
Designer breast forms & other breast enhancers Prosthetic breast forms shaped and colored to perfection Unique formula used in making our quality breast forms allows achieving different softness of specific areas, while multicolor technology creates TRUE realistic look


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Breast Forms

Breast Forms - Chocolate CBreast Forms - Black C cupBreast Forms - Chocolate C

Breast Forms - Black C cupC cupC cup

C cupC cupC cup

3.0in (76mm) from the chest
Back: available in 2 fittings
0.5in(13mm) or 1.5in(38mm)
Color: Chocolate Skin (Dull)
Weight: 1LB (454g) each
Breast Form Size Chart
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Chocolate Perfect C - Soft Silicone Black Breast Forms

Price: $285.00 Pair    Free Free Worldwide Shipping Shipping  Payment
Breast forms shown in our photos & videos are made & EXCLUSIVELY available at

Your Back Fitting: 

Please allow about 10 business days for processing after payment
clearance and 2-4 weeks in the mail. All of our products are made
using the same materials and technology from US as always
Made by us in EU and shipped from Europe,
not in or from China, fake breasts but nothing Chinese about it
Thank you for visiting,

Our breast forms are soft, but do retain their round shape
They move and feel like real breasts with silicone implants
Back of Chocolate Perfect C black breast prosthesis is
available in 2 different fittings:
0.5in (13mm) Curve-In (fits over the chest, A Cups and small B Cups)
or 1.5in (38mm) Curve-In (fits over large B Cups)

All our realistic breast forms are fully filled-in 100% soft silicone gel
and do not have any liquid inside, therefore they are durable and washable.
Temperature, puncturing, swimming and other activities are not an issue.
Life-like nipples and the forms are designed and made as one unit,
just as you see in the photos. The forms can be washed in any temperature
water with any soap or shampoo. Any body adhesive or medical glue made
specifically for silicone forms and prosthetics can be used to attach the forms.
Our prosthetic breast forms can be used as bra inserts without adhesives as well
All of our products are sold in an authentic sealed packaging and are discreetly
double packed into plain postal boxes for shipping
Our high quality breast forms do not change depending on the frame, made to
fit most
, Chocolate Perfect C size: Protrusion: 3.0in(76mm) from the chest,
Top to Bottom: 6.5in(165mm), Left to Right: 5.0in(127mm)
for more info please visit our
Product Size Chart & How to Breast Form

All of our products are made in and shipped from EU while
using the same technology and materials from US as before
Due to an intimate nature of our products we have a strict no return policy.
All sales are final. No returns. No refunds. No exchanges.
No warranty is implied or otherwise expressed in reference to our products.

Do not Hesitate to Contact Us for any Questions


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