Breast forms for crossdressers, Xdress, CD breast forms from Magic Curves, soft silicone gel breasts to enjoy your feminine side, variety of skin tones, free shipping

Breathtaking Effects are Sensational
Designer breast forms & other breast enhancers Prosthetic breast forms shaped and colored to perfection Unique formula used in making our quality breast forms allows achieving different softness of specific areas, while multicolor technology creates TRUE realistic look

Magic Curves...Classically Elegant - With a Delicious Shape


Breast Forms for Crossdressers

Breast Forms for Crossdressers

Crossdresser Breast Forms

All our realistic silicone breast forms
contour for most realistic look and feel.
Our 0.5in (13mm) back of the forms is very
gradual, virtually flat back and is specifically
designed to complement male silhouette.

Breast forms created for crossdressers
and those who just want to enjoy their
feminine side. There are no special care
instructions for our forms. Just treat
our breast forms as though they
were your real breasts and they will last.

Breast Forms Here Only Since 2005

Breast Forms Only Here

Breast Forms Only Here

Breast forms in our photos and videos
are made by us since 2005 and exclusively
available here at
We do not make or sell any other products,
but only breast forms you see on this website.

All our realistic prosthetic breast forms
are fully filled-in odorless breast forms and
are multilayered silicone gel breast forms
Our breast prostheses do not have latex or polyurethane shell
and are made using unique multilayered different softness process.



We do not share our customer
information with anyone
All our correspondence is
limited to emails related to
your order, shipping info
and tracking number
when available
We will never you, so
if there is a problem with
your order we will use the
email address you provide
Your breast forms from
Magic Curves
will always arrive in plain
discreet packaging and
for added privacy,
Magic Curves name
will not appear
on the return address


Breast Forms from Magic Curves

Breast Forms Only Here
Breast Forms Only Here
Breast Forms Only Here

Perfect C cup - Price:  $285.00  pair - free shipping


Breast forms in our photos and videos are made by us and
EXCLUSIVELY available here at

for more info please visit our How to Breast Form page


Designed & Produced by Us ... Expressly for You

by Eva G.  Google+

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